Light the Candle

I came to you broken
An abdomen dragging broken legs behind
Until the baby came all I could see was the color of the Sun

Burn seeds through the candle light
When Body is gone
Heart will still carry stories to tell

You = Your Word

Words. I love them. I mean, I really LOVE them. I like writing them, speaking them, designing shapes with them, sharing them.

I also quietly loved Deborah Redmond’s analogy in yoga one evening; She shared that asanas (poses or postures) by themselves are like letters, you can put them together to form words. Those words then can be arranged in a way to create messages.

With our voice, the words we choose create messages. Our messages spread meaning that has the power to ignite ideas, inspire change, and motivate action. All with a collection of letters.

I believe words are a powerful force for creation; tools that influence whomever they meet. What we choose to put out there is an instance of our intention. Our message and the way we deliver it impacts everyone and everything around us, including our Self.

“The word, as a symbol, has the magic and power of creation because it can reproduce an image, an idea, a feeling, or an entire story in your imagination.” -Don Miguel Ruiz

Non-GMO, One Ingredient at a Time

This article was written in the application process for a position supporting the Non-GMO Project. It has been edited slightly from its original version considering insight to the Non-GMO Project’s official communication strategy. This article is not intended to represent the official views of the Non-GMO Project.

Although our mission revolves around voluntary GMO labeling, we rally behind our friends who support mandatory GMO labels on the food you buy.  A socially conscious company, Ben & Jerry’s has expressed open support for mandatory GMO labeling because they “believe that people have the right to know what’s in the food they eat.” We whole-heartedly agree. While the science continues to be debated, the simple truth is that people should be informed and given the right to choose foods that are not genetically modified. It’s no secret that the majority of people feel they have the right to know and want the right to choose non-GMO foods.

Ben & Jerry’s, like other food companies, is moving away from genetically modified ingredients, one ingredient at a time. Sounds easy enough. But, we understand it is no small feat to certify each product and all of its ingredients; Take a look at the Phish Food infographic on Ben & Jerry’s Latest Non-GMO Updates Blog to get an idea of how complex it can be. Regardless, the impact is already beginning to show. According to reports, Ben & Jerry’s Oregon cherry supplier has already switched from GMO sugar beets, supplying the sweet treat manufacturer with cane sugar instead.


While Ben & Jerry’s has taken a stand and been mostly successful sourcing non-GMO and Fair Trade ingredients for a number of flavors, “One big difference between the scope of their policy and the scope of the our Standard is that they are not including livestock feed,” shared Megan Westgate, Executive Director at the Non-GMO Project. In a blog update From Cow Food to Phish Food, What’s the Deal with GMO Feed?, published around this time last year, Ben & Jerry’s shared the following promise:

From Cow Food to Phish Food, Ben & Jerry's Promise

Finding a non-GMO corn feed could be difficult considering 90 percent of feed corn is genetically modified.  But, as USA today reports, non-genetically modified ingredients will become easier to find as more food manufacturers set standards to source only non-GMO ingredients and non-GMO livestock feed.

Our ideal vision of the future of food involves our friends Ben & Jerry’s embracing the Non-GMO Project Standard, one that includes traceability to the original non-GMO seed source as well as a commitment to sourcing milk from cows fed Non-GMO Project Verified feed. It looks like our ice cream dreams may come true. Kudos to Ben & Jerry’s for making bold moves! We look forward to the day when all of Ben & Jerry’s delicious Fair Trade flavors become Non-GMO Project Verified.

Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby
Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby Ice Cream is one of the flavors that has recently received a non-GMO and Fair Trade makeover.



Honey Bee

When I die

Please, let a bee tiptoe across my lips

Crawl into the opening of my mouth

Make a home in the center of my stomach

My body become made of honeycomb


When all the people gather

Let them taste the sweetness of this life

Bury me next to a tree

Name it “Lotni”


I miss poetry.
Today I miss poetry more than I miss sleep.
There are days
that I find comfort in this age.
Getting to know myself.

He teaches me that good things come.
They just do.
Whether you wait
or throw a tantrum.
Whether you long for that something
or it falls in your lap.

She imagines all this in Anis Mojgani’s voice
As she feels the kiss of the universe atop her forehead
and déjà vu
and sitting in the Temple Bar with you
when we were still strangers
so she closes her eyes and types as fast as she can,
she holds onto that feeling
until he awakes again
and sweet Vine is combing his mother’s hair.

Power Animal

If you stay in a question long enough, you may not always find an answer. But, you will always find another question. I found the Spider in Journeys for Liberation, Power Animal Meditations by Nicky Scully, while browsing Journeys for Transformation a couple of years ago. Then, I was feeling disconnected with the natural world and asking myself – Do I still have a connection to the natural world? Am I connected to the animal world?

An innate knowledge that every single moment, action, thought, breath, is an act of creation – connected to the next, and to the Other – was what lead me to the Spider.

Now, as I contemplate again, I find there is something new here. That I am new here.

“Deeply I go down into myself. My god is dark and like a webbing made of a hundred roots that drink in silence.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

I’ve just touched the surface of Kaivalya and Liberation of the Self but I feel myself pulling from the underground, rising from unconscious experience. The concept of Kaivalya, from the Yoga Sutras, I’ve so far loosely adapted as Liberation of the Self. Liberation in the ability to Love the Self and find Joy and Happiness in shining your light, free from the veil of the mind. That is, happiness in simply being. And the way we get this (Super Hero or Super Heroine) ability is through practice.

The Spider can be called upon for clarity and vision. To help us answer questions or ask another. She reminds us the illusive power of the universe. She reminds us to pause in awe of creation and to simply exist.

She reminds us that the answers to our questions are reflected back to us in all the people and things and subtle signs and symbols that form the world around us. “Her web is a metaphor for the thoughts that express our inner landscape”.

The questions I’m asking myself now are, How do I practice nurturing my relationship with the natural world? And, What is the best way to nurture the Self?

As spiders “We sing this vibratory song of ourselves to everything, and everything sings back to us.” Our Liberation can be found in the weaving. The weaving being the practice.

Everything Around Me Invites Me to Grow

I tell Asher when we walk, “Listen:”

and I hold my hand cupped to my ear.

His eyes dart to the right.

His ears open to the sounds of the blue above.

I tell him the trees are whispering “I Love You”s.


He invites the wind to caress his neck by lifting his face to the sky

and smiling with all of his eight teeth.

He’s been practicing sleeping “like a Big Boy” in a crib a foot from our bed.

He only wakes five times in the night.


Everything around me invites me to grow.

Magazine Wrapped Soap

magazine wrapped soap keeps your hands full of news
a phantom baby kick in the bathtub
reminds me of Asher in the womb
I was untouchable, and now
I’m a mother
my mother made it look easy
but easy’s hard on the body in the 4th quarter
when your baby’s still asking where her daddy is
and the only thing you’ve got to say is: everything but the kitchen sink
and the questions linger silently in each of our ears…

…and then there’s the question behind the question
a double back flip off the double barreled diving board
look yourself in the mirror and say
the thing everyone wants to hear
You are loved
I am loved
I am love
every baby’s birth right
to be completely loved and completely loveable
because you are